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Get Hair-Free & Flawless Skin with our Waxing Services at Anagenesis Beauty Salon & Spa, Almere

It’s time to say goodbye to the razor bumps and cuts. Anagenesis Beauty Salon offers the best waxing services giving a luxurious experience from start to finish to the clients. Our professional technicians offer a perfected body waxing experience giving long-lasting experience to the clients. Our waxing services offer the most efficient results removing hairs from the root. Our packages get you covered from head to toe keeping it smooth for weeks. With regular waxing sessions, the hair grows back thinner and finer. Our beauty technicians streamline the processes leaving skin smoother with long-lasting results.


Reasons Why You Will Love Our Waxing Services are

  • Slows Down Hair Re-growth

  • Less Dense & Light Hair Re-growth

  • Hair Removal Lasts up to 3 Weeks

  • Fewer In-grown Hairs

  • No more Razor Burn & Itchy Skin

  • Easier Future Clean-ups

  • Smoother & Healthier Skin

Why is Our Waxing Services #1 Choice among Clients?

  • Quality Products: Our Waxing products are formulated for waxed skin that gives extended results.

  • Unique Wax: Our unique wax is made from natural products that are completely anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. It eases out the pain of the waxing.

  • Professional Technician: Our professional technicians have undergone training to give the best waxing experience to the clients.

  • Hygienic Space: We thoroughly sterilize our space after every waxing service maintaining hygiene in the overall space.

Our Body Waxing Services

  • With shaving, the hair becomes thicker and faster. It makes your skin rough, unappealing and damages the skin. To avoid all the complications, we proffer our waxing services to our clients. Our professional technicians offer body waxing services providing an effective waxing service to give smooth and sleek, hair-free skin. We have a plethora of waxing services. From legs, arms, armpits, upper lips, eyebrows, and more services. Apart from it, it removes the dead skin cells from the skin top layer. Our well-trained professionals provide the safest waxing services to our professionals with lesser pains. We ensure that our products have the most natural scented wax that gives super soft skin treatment completely high-quality, durable, and painless. We believe in giving our clients super smooth and soft skin.

  • Book an appointment at Anagenesis Beauty Salon & Spa as waxing services do not offer any side effects and mostly work on all skin types with the best waxing techniques at affordable prices. For best results, do not trim the hairs two weeks prior to the appointment. Get your waxing services at Anagenesis Beauty Salon & Spa at the best prices from our professional technicians. We aim to deliver 100% satisfaction to the clients with our exclusive services.

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