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No More Pain! Get Hair-free Flawless Skin at Anagenesis Beauty Salon & Spa, Almere with our Latest Technology Laser Hair Treatments

  • Pain-free

  • No More Hairs

  • Customized Solutions

  • Expertise Advice


We at Anagenesis Beauty Salon & Spa offer laser hair removal treatments in Almere at unbelievable prices to our clients. We use the latest laser technology to give hair-free skin to our clients. We have quadruple wavelength lasers that offer hair reduction at the best prices. Our Laser treatments are suitable for all skin types and reduce fine, medium, and thick hair. Our experts at the Anagenesis Beauty Salon & Spa make use of ice-cool technology that does not cause any redness and bumps into the skin.

No More Hairs! Get Gentle Skin Touch with Advance Lasers in Just 3 Steps

  • Examine Your Skin Type: Our Experts at Anagenesis Beauty Salon & Spa examine the skin and hair type. We examine hair growth patterns and advise accordingly.

  • Check Skin Sensitivity: Our Experts do a patch test on our skin to check the skin sensitivity. After the skin is tested ok, we continue the laser sessions.

  • Get Hair-Free Skin: Our Laser is provably tested and uses the latest technology to offer the best hair reduction on every skin type


How do Lasers Work?

  • Lasers Target Hair Follicles

  • Destroys Hair Follicles from Root

  • Hair Free Skin

Why Our Laser Hair Removal Treatment is best?

  • Permanent Results: No more waxing and shaving pain! Our Laser Treatments give permanent results. You can start experiencing changes starting from the 1st session. 


  • Gentle Hair Removal: Lasers target hair follicles directly without destroying the adjacent areas. The skin doesn’t suffer through the abrasive actions of waxes, epilators, and razors.


  • Last Minute Appointments: We even offer last-minute appointments to our clients in emergency cases because our clients are our utmost priority.


  • Customized Packages: Apart from individual sessions, we offer customized packages to our clients that too in cost-effective ways.


Our Lasers selectively target mostly coarse and dark hairs without affecting the skin. It keeps the surrounding skin undamaged. In a fraction of seconds, a single pulse can treat many hairs at the same time. We have certified laser beauty therapists who have undergone in-depth laser training to offer the best services to clients. At Anagenesis Skin & Laser Clinic, our beauty therapists ensure that strict hygiene and safety standards are followed. We work with a mission to help our clients with customized plans and sessions. Our services are guided by expert professionals who give a comfortable and memorable experience to the clients. Book an appointment with us for a laser treatment.

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